Yoga for Back Pain

There are two main types of yoga for back pain: Hatha yoga concentrates more on increasing muscle strength and coordination, while Raja yoga relaxes the mind and teaches you to breathe correctly and deeply, something many of us dont do. But, the two are designed to work together to create a sense of mind/body harmony.

Yoga for back pain is meant to create improved body awareness and should never be uncomfortable or painful. If you have bad body posture from years of working at a desk in an office or not standing correctly, you may find some poses initially uncomfortable, but with gentle, regular repetition, you will learn to train your body.

You can practice many yoga for back pain techniques during the day, at home, and enjoy the benefits of a few minutes of relaxing meditation almost anywhere you are - even in the traffic or at the supermarket.

If you suffer from severe backache, do first mention to your doctor you are interested in doing yoga for back pain.