Get Rid of Acne Scars - Important Tips

Here are some tips on how to get rid of acne scars:

Keep your face clean all the time

Wash your face with a gentle or mild skin cleanser 2 to 3 times a day. Ideally, you will you’re your face when you get out of bed, in the middle of the day, and before you go to bed. Avoid using harsh facial cleansers on your face, because it will not solve your problems. Harsh cleansers will just dry your skin.

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Do not touch your face with your hands

Anything can come in contact with your hands. So that means, there are millions of different bacteria found in your hand, and you will just be transferring bacteria to your face by just a single touch. As it was mentioned earlier, acne is caused by multiplication of bacteria. Avoid touching your face to avoid acne formation.
Do not pop your Acne

If you think popping your acne can make it better, then you are wrong. Popping your acne can make it worse and spreading the bacteria can lead to more acne formation, and in fact, you are risking yourself from acquiring infection and permanent scar formation. I know it is very tempting to pop your acne, because you think that it will get better once popped. If you can help it, just don’t pop it, wait for it to heal by itself by applying appropriate treatments.

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Yoga for Back Pain

There are two main types of yoga for back pain: Hatha yoga concentrates more on increasing muscle strength and coordination, while Raja yoga relaxes the mind and teaches you to breathe correctly and deeply, something many of us dont do. But, the two are designed to work together to create a sense of mind/body harmony.

Yoga for back pain is meant to create improved body awareness and should never be uncomfortable or painful. If you have bad body posture from years of working at a desk in an office or not standing correctly, you may find some poses initially uncomfortable, but with gentle, regular repetition, you will learn to train your body.

You can practice many yoga for back pain techniques during the day, at home, and enjoy the benefits of a few minutes of relaxing meditation almost anywhere you are - even in the traffic or at the supermarket.

If you suffer from severe backache, do first mention to your doctor you are interested in doing yoga for back pain.

Home Remedies for Dandruff and Itchy Scalp

There are many home remedies for dry scalp to help one get rid of this problem. And the easiest one of them is to regularly massage the scalp and hair with lukewarm olive oil. Not only does the oil add shine to the hair and makes it look healthier, but also promotes better hair growth on the scalp and gets rid of the white flakes.

Applying yogurt on the hair for about 15 minutes before hair wash is also one of the most effective home remedies for dry scalp.

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A natural hair pack of egg mixed with yogurt can be made at home, and can be applied to the scalp twice in a week. It helps to add nourishment to the scalp and hair, and is a tried and tested, effective home remedy for dry scalp.

Many people take ground oatmeal and mix it with water to make a paste. This can be applied on the scalp for about 30 minutes before washing with cold water. One must know that washing one’s hair with very hot water too can cause damage to the scalp, and is a very common reason for the dryness of the scalp and the hair. Moreover, it can also make the hair dull and brittle. Therefore, one must always wash hair with cold water. In winters, one should use lukewarm water, and should increase oiling to compensate for the hot temperature of the water.

Vitamin B oil and Vitamin E oil are both very good to cure dry scalp and dandruff, and should be used frequently to massage one’s head. These can be mixed together with lavender oil for added benefits.

Natural Ways To Fade Age Spots

Age spots and other kinds of skin blemishes can appear as you get older. When your skin is constantly exposed to ultraviolet rays, it can sustain damages that will prompt the excessive production of melanin.

You don't have to use sophisticated treatments to fade age spots and skin blemishes. You just have to know which natural treatments will work in improving the health of your skin and getting rid of pigmentation spots.

1. Lime juice

This is a good source of citric acid. Citric acid, just like other AHA peelers, can facilitate a renewal of skin tissue so that the younger and whiter skin can resurface. This treatment also works in brightening up the skin tone.

Just apply raw lime juice on the spots. You can also apply it all over your skin if you want to have fairer skin. Let it sit there for about 30 minutes before washing it off. Use this treatment every night for best results.

2. Papaya extract

It contains whitening enzymes that can inhibit the production of melanin. It also helps make the skin softer and smoother. Just apply the extract of papaya on the affected areas of the dermis.

Home Remedies to Cure White Spots

Cure White Spots

You may follow a few home remedies in order to prevent and cure white spots on the face. You must always keep your face clean by washing it with water several times a day. Do not use soap every time you wash your face, unless it is a very mild one, or rich in moisturizing oils. After washing your face, gently pat it dry. This will help prevent fungal infections, as they thrive in an unclean, moist environment. You may also rinse your face with a mixture of some apple cider vinegar and water twice a day in order to keep your face clean, as the acidic nature of vinegar kills bacteria and fungi and reduces white spots.

Twice a week, you should also exfoliate your skin in order to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the pores on your skin. Make a paste by mixing two tablespoons of honey, a teaspoon each of rice powder, sandalwood powder and turmeric powder, and apply this scrub on your face. Wash it away with cold water after 10 minutes. This not only acts as a cleansing agent, but also prevents the appearance of white spots. You could also rub the white spots with a small piece of raw ginger for 5 minutes three times a day. This stimulates the skin cells and improves blood circulation to these spots, thereby making them disappear.