Laser Wrinkle Removal: Laser Treatment for Wrinkles

Laser Treatment for Wrinkle Removal

Thanks to the advance in cosmetic industry and plastic surgery, laser wrinkle removal is now possible for reduction of wrinkles. For many surgeons, this procedure represents an advantage, because it replaces well-known dermabrasion and chemical peels. The precision of laser is amazing, which allows surgeon to remove desired tissue without bleeding and consequent scarring that normally occur with ordinary surgical procedures.

  How Does Laser Wrinkle Removal Work

It works similar to dermabrasion, where damaged surface layer of the skin is removed, showing the younger and smoother skin below. The difference is in the tool, where with laser wrinkle removal laser beam is used to exfoliate the skin, whereas with dermabrasion wire brush or a diamond wheel with harsh brinks is used to complete the procedure.

Laser wrinkle treatment can reduce appearance of wrinkles or even remove them altogether. How much results will be delivered from the procedure depends on the power of laser used. However, the more powerful the laser is, more tissue will be removed, and longer it will take for a patient to fully recover.

What Types of Lasers Are Used For Wrinkle Removal

Laser wrinkle removal is most commonly undertaken either by Erbium or by CO2 laser. The difference between the two is in the wavelength of the beam and the type of the gas used to produce the beam.

The CO2 laser is most effective against large and deep wrinkles, because it can penetrate deeper into the skin. Such laser should only be used by experienced and professional practitioner, because the power of CO2 laser can present a danger if used by less experienced hands.

The Erbium laser is not as powerful as aforementioned one, but is safer to use. Patients who undergo laser wrinkle removal with Erbium laser will not experience so much irritation during and after the treatment, and their recovery will also be faster.

Recovery after Laser Procedure

The number of days that will be required for a full recovery mainly depends on the type of laser used, and each individual’s abilities to heal. It can take up to one month to recover completely and in some cases even longer.

Some doctors recommend that using natural and gentle anti-wrinkle creams that contain peptides and antioxidants can speed up the healing process after laser wrinkle removal treatment.