Home Remedies for Abrasions: Natural Treatment for Abrasions

Natural Treatment for Abrasions

Treat Abrasions Naturally with Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is one of the best natural treatments for abrasions. You can apply a few drops of lavender oil on the abrasions affected area. This can help in healing abrasions. You can also use witch hazel and lavender made into poultice while bathing. For getting relieve, you can mix 4 to 5 drops of lavender essential oil in a bowl of warm water and clean the area with the mixture. After cleaning apply 2 drops of the same oil on the affected area. You can repeat the process twice a day for 4 to 5 days. This home remedy effectively works for skin abrasions.

Turmeric Remedy for Abrasions
Turmeric is considered the best antiseptic treatment for abrasions. This is used as one of the best natural treatments for abrasions. This is also main item of every kitchen. This is an affective method for treating abrasions quickly.

Tea Treatment for Abrasions
Tea is also used for speedy healing of wound. Tea can externally check against bleeding and fight with bacteria that can cause infection. Tea made from sage, can also be applied in case of having abrasions and this is one of the best treatments for abrasions. You can make a homemade ointment for treatment of abrasions. For making ointment, you need tea tree, calendula and comfrey. Mix all the three and apply this on the affected area. The affected area can be saved using thyme tea or with a cup of water containing 3-5 drops of the essential oil.

Clove Cinnamon Home Remedy for Abrasions
Clove oil is one of the best remedies for abrasions. Clove oil is used to disinfect the wound. Cinnamon is also used from years for curing infection in natural way.

Natural Treatment for Abrasions using Onion
Onion juice is well known way to treat abrasions. You can apply juice of onion externally on the abrasions affected area and this can help you to get rid of problem.

Aloe Vera Remedy for Abrasions
For getting relieve from abrasions, you can apply gel made with aloe Vera on the affected area. This is one of the best soothing home remedies of abrasions.

Natural Treatment for Abrasions using Calendula
Calendula is one of the best anti-inflammatory, astringent and antiseptic. This can stops bleeding and gives way to the growth of new skin.

Treat Abrasions with Leaves
You can treat abrasions with crushed parsley leaves, fresh plantain leaves and some onion juice. Dock leaves are also applied on the abrasions affected area; in case the leaves are not available you can also apply lotion made of dock leaves on the abrasions. One of the best home remedies for abrasions is fresh marigold flowers. Geranium leaves, and comfrey leaves that are either crushed or pounded and applied on the abrasion.

Pepper Home Remedy for Abrasions
If the abrasions hurt with bleeding you can use Cayenne pepper to treat it as it will stop bleeding on small scratches and cuts.

Natural Treatment for Abrasions using Oil
You can wash your wound and apply Vitamin E oil or aloe Vera oil or cod liver oil as it can prove beneficial for wound.

Treat Abrasions with Iodine
To get relieve from abrasions, you can use iodine and another antiseptics. The antiseptics can help in killing bacteria and speedy healing process. This will expose millions of small nerves endings. In order to effectively clean the wound, hydrogen peroxide can also be used.

Vaseline Home Remedy for Abrasions
Wash the affected area with anti-bacterial soap and use a washcloth to soothe. Now, coat the abrasion with a good quality, solid coat of Vaseline (no sting) and ironically, it works for more than aiding dry skin.

Garlic Remedy for Abrasions
Garlic oil is very useful to treat the infection of abrasions. You can use garlic oil to overcome infections and inflammation. You can put some band-aid and place on affected area.

Natural Treatment for Abrasions using Marigold
Marigolds are wonderful to have growing as they are great for abrasions. All you have to do is take some flowers of the marigold and crush them then apply to the abrasion.

Diet for Abrasions
Diet plays major role in treating any problem regarding health. If you are caused by abrasions, you can take fruits, leafy vegetables, and less oil foods are of great assistance in healing any abrasion.

Honey Diet
Honey is a good diet for treating abrasions as it is an antiseptic; a person having abrasions should spread honey on the wounds as it may increase the speed of healing process of wound.

You should avoid smoking, drugs and drinking alcohol. Wash the hands with a mild soap before touching wound as it may transfer germs to the wound. Before wearing any bandage, you should clean dirt from wound and apply antiseptic after that. Always dry the wound with clean tissue.