How to Get Rid of Dark Circles: Tips to Remove Dark Eye Circles Naturally

Get Rid of Dark Circles Under Eyes

The occurrence of dark black area around your eyes is called dark circles. Dark circles problem can be faced by both men and women but most commonly it tends to faced by women. The most common reasons and causes of dark circles can be stress, unhealthy diet, anemia and allergies etc. Wrong diet chart and lack of nutrition food in your diet and lack of Vitamin K, iron and lack of blood circulation can lead to dark circles around your eyes. Dark circles under eyes can be embarrassing for women and it grows more with the age because skin starts getting thinner. Dark circles look bad more on fair skin person and compare to person with wheaty skin. Dark circles can make your face look dull and give a feeling of tiredness and fatigue which will put a big mark on your beauty.

So if you have dark circles under your eyes and you have done everything to get rid of dark circles with medication and costly cosmetics but nothing has worked till now. If you want to get rid of dark circles under your eyes totally then this is the right place for you. Dark eye circle is not a disease but a skin disorder than can be caused for any reason. There can be any reason for dark circles but there are many natural ways to get rid of dark circles.

Natural Ways for Removing Dark Circles Under Eyes

1. Drink lots of Water Daily – At least 10 glasses of water should be taken in a day. Water is very useful for total health as it helps in removing the toxic material from the body and purifies the blood. Water is one of the best natural cures for dark circles under eyes.

2. Avoid Strain on Eyes – Do not put excess strain on your eyes with long laptop sittings and watching TV for long time to prevent under eye circles. Excessive work on laptop for long time can harm your eyes so it is advisable to take a break in between and wash your eyes with cold water and take a breather.

3. Clean your eyes with cold water after every 2 hours while working or doing home work. Doing this will helps in recharging the eyes skin and in removing dark circles.
4. Avoid Stress and Depression – Stress and depression is one of the reasons for dark circles under eyes so it is best to avoid stress and depression from your daily life. Stress can lead to many health problems and dark eye circles is one of them.

5. Healthy Diet for Dark Circles – It is very important to eat a healthy diet for treatment of dark circles. Eat food that is full of vitamin k and B12, iron and proteins. Avoid junk, processed, spicy foods and eat great amount of fruits and raw vegetables. It will help in treating black circles around eyes.

6. Do not rub your eyes with your hands. It is common habit of people to rub the eyes with hands while working and watching TV and it can transfer harmful germs in your eyes and can damage eye skin and may create black eye circles.

7. Use herbal cosmetic products and face wash gels only. There are many good herbal cosmetic products out there to deal with the problem of dark circles around eyes.

8. Cucumber is one home product that works best to get rid of dark circles under eyes. Take 2 slices of cucumber and put them right on your eyes for 20 to 30 minutes. This will give you cool feelings in eyes and your will feel relaxed.

9. Take proper sleep to prevent and removing dark circles. Lack of sleep can be one the reason for your dark circles problem.

10. Mix of lemon and tomatoes juice and apply it with cotton balls under your eyes twice a day. This natural tip is very useful to remove dark circles.