Natural Treatment for Night Sweats

Night Sweats Treatment

After menopause, nearly every woman wants to begin to live a life of freedom of some sorts. It is at this time that most women and their menstrual periods. This happens when they are at the age of 50. The end of the menstrual cycle is characterized by a sharp drop in progesterone and estrogen levels. This leads to insomnia, migraine headaches, bone loss, fatigue, hot flashes, anxiety and night sweats for most women. Even though these symptoms have caused trouble to a majority of menopausal women, natural treatment for night sweats have now been found.

The Cause of Night Sweats

Due to the reduction in the hormone levels at menopause, the functions performed by the body in regulating the body temperature are also reduced. A depletion of the estrogen in the majority of women makes the skin temperature to increase rapidly. This is because the blood vessels of the skin become dilated-sometimes more frequently than normal. As a result, the body releases heat through this dilation process of the blood vessels. This leaves a woman’s body feeling warm suddenly, hence causing the upper part of the body to sweat. When this sweating happens at night, it is referred to as night sweats.

Some people prefer using the hormone replacement therapy to assist in relieving the night sweats or hot flushes. This however, has been found to be causing coronary heart diseases, stroke and breast cancer. Conversely, natural remedies that can be used in the relief of night sweats do exist.

Natural Treatments for Night Sweats

Vitamin C

Research has proved that vitamin C has a lot of benefits, one of which is to relieve night sweats and hot flashes. Through its action as a powerful antioxidant, Vitamin C makes the membranes of the blood vessels strong. This in effect prevents the dilation or constriction of the blood vessels. The users of Vitamin C have reported a success rate of 88% or more, either as a partial or a complete relief from the hot flashes.


Cardiovascular diseases and hot flashes can be significantly reduced by exercising. When menopausal women perform an amount of exercise, the symptoms associated with menopause are reduced. They also gain some fitness in the heart and lungs. This leads to improved quality of life and mental health.

Vitamin D and Other Minerals

Regular intake of vitamin D, calcium and magnesium overcomes the deficiency of minerals caused by the onset of menopause. Insomnia, irritability, leg cramps, hot flashes and night sweats are symptoms of a woman who is severely deficient of calcium. This deficiency is caused by lack of progesterone and estrogen in the body of the menopausal woman. The intake of the above minerals is the best remedy for these menopausal symptoms.

Other Forms of Natural Therapy for Night Sweats Include:

Avoiding abrupt alteration in temperatures
The use of magnet therapy to relieve hot flushes
Treating the disturbances in digestion including constipation to reduce sweating
Using herbs like the Asian dong quai which may ease sweating.
Menopausal symptoms need not to be a problem anymore to women as there is enough information on natural treatment for night sweats.