Home Remedies to Cure White Spots

Cure White Spots

You may follow a few home remedies in order to prevent and cure white spots on the face. You must always keep your face clean by washing it with water several times a day. Do not use soap every time you wash your face, unless it is a very mild one, or rich in moisturizing oils. After washing your face, gently pat it dry. This will help prevent fungal infections, as they thrive in an unclean, moist environment. You may also rinse your face with a mixture of some apple cider vinegar and water twice a day in order to keep your face clean, as the acidic nature of vinegar kills bacteria and fungi and reduces white spots.

Twice a week, you should also exfoliate your skin in order to remove dead skin cells and dirt from the pores on your skin. Make a paste by mixing two tablespoons of honey, a teaspoon each of rice powder, sandalwood powder and turmeric powder, and apply this scrub on your face. Wash it away with cold water after 10 minutes. This not only acts as a cleansing agent, but also prevents the appearance of white spots. You could also rub the white spots with a small piece of raw ginger for 5 minutes three times a day. This stimulates the skin cells and improves blood circulation to these spots, thereby making them disappear.