Natural Treatment for Cough

Cough Remedies

Coughs can be quite irritating if not treated immediately. This is because both chronic and frequent coughs get worse in the night and interferes with sleeping pattern of the sufferer. Coughs help in cleaning up a build-up of phlegm from the body or the trachea to be precise. It is one of the clearance signs that the chest is tight and needs to be opened up. They come with a distinct repetitive sound after intervals. Coughs can be treated by conventional medicine but there are other proven ways and effective natural treatment for cough of all types.

There are mainly two types of coughs namely Productive coughs and Dry coughs

Whatever the types of coughs, it is still possible to find curative measures through the natural treatment for cough remedies. Time has told remedies include ginger, honey, garlic, cumin seeds and cloves amongst others. Coughs affect people of all ages both adults and children. To effectively find relieve, cut red onion into slices and deep into fried; cup of honey and let it stand overnight. The onion juice would have sipped through to make a juice, use a muslin cloth to sieve and take two to three times a day. This remedy still remains one of the most effective remedies for both stubborn coughs and brings relief to an otherwise tight and congested chest.

Natural treatment for cough is varied and for those who for other reasons are unable to take garlic in any form, all is not lost. Ginger presents one of the most effective solutions. Ginger should be cleaned and washed thoroughly with a kitchen brush to remove any traces of soil particles. Cut the ginger into small pieces, crush it and add a few drops of lemon and bring to a boil. During the whole boiling process ensure to keep the pan covered so that no steam escapes. Allow it to cool whilst covered and take 2 to 3 times a day for effective relieve. A little honey should be added where necessary.

How to effectively take care of a patient with a cough

Firstly, it is important to keep the patient warm and secondly, since coughs are contagious, it is imperative to allow a lot of fresh air into the room for the sake of the patient and others in the room. This will ensure that the air circulation is fresh and there is no room for contamination. Another effective way take care is to ensure that there are no irritants like smoking in a room and avoiding places where the patient is able to pick different types of allergy. This is one of the ways of natural treatment for cough. Drinking enough water is necessary to help replenish the lost water through coughing.

Finally, the patient should not be given any acidic drinks. This will trigger the cough. Natural treatment for cough has been known to work since time-immemorial. Different parts of the world have different types of remedies depending on the availability of herbs and treatment procedures. But in essence it is still the best way to help bring relieve to a patient.